Have You Ever Had A ‘Mom Life’ Crisis?


Help – I think I am having a mom life crisis! Send cookies and wine…

Have you ever had a mom life crisis?

You know, that moment where you look back at your pre-mummy life and realise HOW MUCH has changed. Where you spend moments longing for your life pre-kids when less than 10 hours sleep left you exhausted. When your car wasn’t full of cheerios, raisins, toys, drinking cups, bikes, tiny clothes; the list is endless! Back to the time when you could lie in bed all day because you didn’t have little people bullying you to make Playdoh creations at 7am.

I found a load of old photos of us with one of our favourite couples on one of many kid-free vacations. We look SO YOUNG! 

In case you hadn’t guessed, I had one recently! Those two little scamps are literally my life, but I am human. Sometimes my brain (or Timehop) remind me of those days life was spontaneous. A time when I didn’t view 30 minutes alone in Target as a treat to myself! 

I am so grateful for what I have, for these 2 little boys who love me even when I lose it with them for asking the 1,000,000th question of the day. But that doesn’t mean I do not occasional pine for the pre-kids Viv. I met my husband when I was 18. This means we have 11 years of awesome memories of time spent together. Of vacations and nights out, of weekends away and lazy

Would I change my life?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  But I wouldn’t rule out more mum life crises happening! Especially when post-holiday candy induced rage hits our household…

Do not worry, though – I gave myself a shake. I realised something I already know. That we are lucky to have happy healthy children. That we are blessed to hear their laughter at 6am, even if it is because one just covered the other in marker pen to make him ‘look pretty’! 


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I am Viv, stay at home mom (mummy) to Edison who is 7 and Arlo who is 5. I am married to my best friend and university sweetheart Steve. In October 2014 we moved 5321 miles from our beautiful Victorian home in Sheffield, England to Anaheim Hills and are loving the wild adventure this move has turned our life into. I am so very grateful that this move has given me the opportunity to quit my kinder teacher role to stay home with my crazy whirlwinds and enjoy the adventures of modern motherhood. I love farmers markets with my little foodies, antique shops, restoring antique finds, reading, baking, eating out and trying not to spend everything we have in Target! Oh and chips. I LOVE chips (crisps for any Brits reading this). All the chips.


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