The Cat & Nat Live Show: Girl’s Night Out With A Thousand Of Your Closest Friends!

We received free tickets to attend the Fun Show With Cat & Nat. We were not required to write a post in exchange, but did so because we wanted to. Photograph courtesy of Cat & Nat. As always, all opinions are our own!

cat & natLast Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to experience the Fun Show With Cat & Nat live at the Orpheum Theater in L.A. These two real life friends bring the real story of motherhood straight to your news feed, and they don’t hold anything back. Cat & Nat’s raw realness is refreshing in a world where social media tends to create a well-edited and manicured view of motherhood. 

Now, if you’re like me, you may not have had a good understanding of this dynamic duo before now.

To give a little background, Cat & Nat are besties from their teen years who reconnected when they both had kids earlier than most of their peers. They live in Canada with their husbands (both named Mark), and they started their crusade with YouTube videos and have since migrated over to Facebook. There they post regular Cat & Nat Live videos on things like #momtruths where they talk about the touching, difficult, ugly, and often hilarious moments of parenting that pretty much ALL moms experience.

Their style is very “come as you are” and “no judgments allowed.”

This raw approach has helped launched them into having almost one million followers on social media. Cat & Nat have taken the world by storm, and their tour is just a snapshot of how amazing these two friends/entrepreneurs really are. They turned the microscope in on their lives and their journeys parenting seven kids amongst them, and they translated that into an empire. Part of me wishes I had thought of that….

The show itself was a giant party more than it really was a show.

Cat & Nat kept things fun by having dance-offs, real talk, audience stories, and a male revue show. (Yes, partially-clothed men danced on stage with audience members). They talked about the harder parts of motherhood and how a little bit of wine can get you through those exhausting days and long nights.

They were also frank about the stuff that is sometimes hard to discuss like relationships and sex. The relatability of their words was palpable for the audience. It was as if we were all suddenly best friends just shooting the breeze and keeping it real with each other. And perhaps the most amazing part of the show was the underlying message of camaraderie.

Cat & Nat reminded us that we are all on this journey of motherhood together, and it goes much more smoothly if we lift each other up rather than put each other down.

By the end of the night, strangers bonded over shared experiences and we all felt like we made about a thousand new friends. Their current tour dates in our are over, but they have more dates in other parts of the US. You can check out the schedule on their website in case you’ve got a mommy friend in one of those cities who could use a fun night. It is definitely a good idea to check them out on Facebook because they are a breath of fresh air. 

Cat & Nat have most definitely experienced the trials of motherhood. They put a humorous spin on it, which will make you feel a tiny bit better about yourself. I believe these women are a gift to us all, and they are certainly #momgoals and #friendshipgoals.

So if you find yourself thinking about how hard of a day you’re having and you just wish there was some sort of relief, go check out a video of theirs. Here’s one of them on The Today Show: