To My Biggest Baby As You Start School


To My Biggest Baby As You Start School

To my biggest baby as you start school,

Somehow 5 years have rushed by and it is time for you to start Kindergarten. I’m lucky, if we had still been in England I would have lost you to ‘big school’ last year, but somehow I still don’t feel quite ready for things to change.

It has been 5 years and 2 months since you were dragged into the world screaming! But of course, in true Edison style you chilled out quickly yet somehow still kept us on our toes. Sweet boy, you have continued to keep us on our toes, to make us question ourselves, to teach us what it is to be a parent and how to love someone unconditionally (even when they drive you crazy sometimes!)

You have a zest for life that can be hard to control. You are my wild one. My boy who asks so many questions, who doesn’t take no for an answer (it’s a starting point for negotiations), the one who was sent to show us how strong we are, who knows his own mind and sticks to his guns. I adore the way you stand by your friends; the sensitive side you have that you don’t often show people; how determined you are to succeed at anything you try; the way you make friends wherever we go; this amazing ability you have to make people young and old adore you; your eskimo kisses and bear hugs. Oh how I love your affectionate and playful nature.

For 5 years you have been mine and now I give you to someone else. She will spend more time with you than I do most days. Will she understand you like I want her to? Will she love you even when you are on your 1000th question of the day?! Is she going to be able to find your soft side? Will she realise that even though you seem so confident, you still need reassurance and love? I hope she recognises that mischievous smile is just the tip of what you have to offer. One thing is for sure – boy will you make her laugh!

It doesn’t seem so long since you were this little, when you still fell asleep in my arms at night.

I see how nervous you are when we talk about big boy school, every time we drive past it your little hands clench and you squeal as you point it out to us with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Daddy and I want you to know that no matter what, if you do your best we will always be so proud of you. You have a personality that people fall in love with and I admire that about you. It is an amazing gift to have and I hope it means you will never be lonely. But if it is hard when you first start just know I will always meet you at the gate with a smile and a cuddle.

Your little brother will be lost without you!

Dream Big Little One; you have the world at your feet. This is just the start and we are so very proud of you already. Everything else you accomplish is just a bonus. Although Daddy reeeeally wants you to be a pro golfer so maybe take the after school golf program…..

love Mummy xoxo


To My Biggest Baby As You Start School

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