Appreciation for Mamas (a.k.a You)

Appreciation for All Mamas (a.k.a You)

I know it’s not Mother’s Day anymore, but I love celebrating mamas everyday, because we are the most awesome beings on this planet. I’ve created a place where mamas connect and celebrate on the daily. I want to highlight appreciation for mamas, a.k.a. you.

As mamas, we appreciate everyone else but ourselves, because it’s so much easier, right?

The biggest action we can take for ourselves is appreciate all the “poop” that we have gone through and still live and breathe today. This will exponentially take you out of the “poop” and start seeing yourself in a different light.

When we appreciate others, I’m imagining a spotlight being put on a person, so that’s why it might seem uncomfortable for moms. We rarely take the spotlight anymore after popping a baby out because the spotlight is always on them. The questions we get, “Oh, how’s the baby?” and “What is the baby up too?” Even going to the doctor every 3-6 months in the beginning to see how they are growing when we neglect our own health

In comparison, mama is looking like a hot mess and that’s what everyone sees. No one sees the person wanting to live in their purpose, create their new reality, and grow wiser as the child grows.

This is a reminder and the spotlight of appreciation for all mamas being placed on you.

You brought that life into this world. Your body grew a human, and went through labor whether it was major surgery or some major pushing out of a place that is normally “tight.” A freaking human with hopefully 10 toes and 10 fingers. So amazing and what a miracle.

Ok so, how does that feel?

A little PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), but a little bit of, “oh yeah, I am a (insert your word for strong beautiful woman).” See how that works? I put the memory that can stress me out most of the time and make it the most beautiful appreciation for me (and you mama). Also the appreciation of all the poop diapers, spit up, and food preparation to keep these precious little humans alive.

Personally, I have had five pregnancies and three that came to full term. With two losses, I never appreciated my body for going through that and only blamed myself more. Now, I’ve changed that story and appreciate my body for serving as a vessel for those pregnancies and being able to recover and have rainbow babies each time. I will be forever appreciative of these experiences.

So try it yourself right now, appreciate yourself, say or write down five appreciations for you and only you.

It may take time. It sometimes does for me. It felt as if someone was asking me to run down the street without any clothes on. Take a deep breath and go. By adding this practice/tool to my daily life, it helps me continue to celebrate each day and keep going and growing. Let me know how this goes for you.

Thank you for reading this blog today and taking time for you. I appreciate you so, so much!


Appreciation for All Mamas (a.k.a You) PIN