The Magical Attic Is Back To School With 7 FREE Printables!


The Magical Attic is back to school with 7 FREE printables for your child!  We love having fun, educational and screen free time with our children.  Which is why we are so excited for our partnership with The Magical Attic.  

Stories for Children

One of the many reasons we gravitate towards The Magical Attic is that the creator, Mark Marderosian, designed these characters from stories he would tell his children as he tucked them in at night.  The whole idea behind these loveable characters is to help children foster creative play, develop positive attitudes and behaviors, and learn the important lessons of friendship and helping others.  

The Magical Attic is also on YouTube!

Can’t get enough of the adorable characters from The Magical Attic?  You can watch these comic book characters come to life in cartoon form!  

September marks back to school, the beginning of fall and the first glance into the Holiday season.  

The Magical Attic’s free printables are a fantastic way to jump back into the routine of school and fall.  Join the characters Crystal Cat, Looner Bunny, Misty Pig, Sunray Bear, Eclipse Doggy, and Twinkle Mouse on all of their fun-filled adventures!

Each printable provides a different activity for your child.  From coloring to word searches, your child will be learning while having fun! 

Click on each photo to bring up the printable version!