Another Great Year With Cox!


Connecting Moments: Cox Communications’ Orange County and Palos Verdes
year in review 2023

The clock is ticking away the last hours and minutes of 2023 and while many are looking forward, this is also a time for reflection. Whether you’re an expert in all things digital or you just learned how to use Zoom, odds are pretty good that you feel the impact of the digital equity work Cox Communications has done this year.

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, 2023 has been a year of transformative growth, innovation, and unwavering commitment to digital equity and inclusion in Orange County. More people and businesses connected this year than in previous years, and Cox Communications’ long-term investments continue to deliver on its goals. A trailblazer in an ever-changing industry, Cox weathered challenges and emerged stronger and more resilient, and remains an unwavering partnership in shaping the future of connectivity.

Settle in with a glass of eggnog, because you’re about to go on a metaphorical sleigh
ride through this last year of successes. Spoiler alert: It’s been a year of epic wins with a dash of hold-on-tight and a whole lot of connection.

Palos Verdes got a storefront — Cox opened a storefront in this quaint community and is spreading the good vibes (and signal bars) all around. Customers and customers-to-be can swing through the Palos Verdes Cox Solutions Store and get support, equipment, accessories, interactive demos, and answers to just about any question.

Refreshed Innovation Lab — With education as a core mission, Cox Communications
awarded a $20,000 grant to the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach. This grant brings new tools to the Club’s Cox Innovation Lab and enables kids who may not have internet
or computer access at home to access school curriculum and advance their computer skills.

OC Register reported what Cox team members already know — The OC Register
recognized Cox Communications as one of the best places to work. There’s not much more to add to this great news. Well, except for the other great stuff, such as…

Cox Mobile — One of the most seismic happenings of 2023 was the launch of Cox Mobile. With a customer-focused approach as unique as each person, Cox Mobile now provides affordable, reliable, and uncomplicated mobile service to customers. The people have spoken, and Cox Mobile is a hit.

ACP expanded connection in our communities — Cox believes affordable internet
should be within everyone’s reach, and the Affordability Connectivity Program (ACP) has been a gamechanger. Eligible households enrolled — and still can enroll — to receive discounts on their monthly bills and get fast internet and mobile service for as little as $15/month. Cox is also the only provider offering a $100 device benefit. Digital equity work continued — Let’s face it, everyone deserves a ticket to the Internet party! Not only did the ACP create more points of entry for people who’ve historically lacked access, but so did other long-standing Cox programs like Connect to Compete (C2C) and ConnectAssist. In Orange County/Palos Verdes, Cox increased digital equity customers by 68% this year over last. From bridging the digital divide to empowering communities, Cox continued its effort to level the online playing field.

Giving back — It’s not just internet connection that drives Cox Communications. Real-
life connection and impact in communities it serves are at the core of the company. Like
they have in previous years, team members rolled up their sleeves and got involved in making the world a better place. From a technology masterclass in partnership with Irvine Councilmember Larry Agran in July, to 300 employees pitching in to clean up Dana Point Harbor in August, Cox was there giving back and making a difference in the community.

These are just a handful of highlights from our 2023 adventure. It’s been one for the record books, and it’s this positive 2023 energy that Cox is taking into 2024. Here’s to another year of connections, fast and affordable internet, easy phone plans, and continuing the work of closing the digital divide.


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