A Day In The Life Of: Mom of Two Young Kids

mom of two young kids

This post is part of a weeklong series we’re doing here to document a typical day in the life of local moms during the COVID-19 pandemic and under California’s stay-at-home orders. It was written by our Contributor Allison Melanio

I’ll be completely honest, there are days where I feel grateful for the extra time that this pandemic has allowed for me. But there are also days where I just feel like I am 100% out of my element and I’m miserable and just trying to get through the schedule and the days. I love schedules. I love lists. And I love my handy to-do list. But I am my best self when I have a mix of outdoor excursions and time at home.

With my pendulum off – this is my new norm:


6am-6:30am: “ME” Time

My mother always told me, “Get yourself ready in the morning because that might be your only chance for the entire day.” By getting ready, she meant hair and make-up and I’ve added light exercise with weights, a quick walk, or bike ride around the neighborhood. As a mom now, it makes so much sense. That first hour is all about “self-care” and an opportunity to be my best self to conquer the day ahead.

7:00am-7:30am: Kids are Up

The kids usually get up around this time, so it’s time to brush their teeth and change their clothes.

8am-9am: Power Hour

This is breakfast time, throw in a load of laundry, make beds, check email, etc. Fridays, I usually use this time to take the kids on an adventure and we have a quick breakfast and take a long walk around the community lake or venture off to a new walkway or path we haven’t been.

9:30am-12:30pm: Zoom Hours

These are the Zoom hours. We have multiple Zooms almost every day ranging from Pre-K, Speech, Karate, and Preschool Prep (for my daughter). The Zoom classes range from 30 to 45 mins. I usually have to prep before the Zoom and keep my other child entertained (coloring, activity, screen time) while I sit with my child who is on a Zoom. In between Zooms, I try to fold a load of laundry or catch up on housework.

Note: My kids are five and three so it’s nearly impossible to leave them on a Zoom by themselves.


Afternoon For This Mom Of Two Young Kids

12:30pm: Lunch Prep

Our lunches range from macaroni and cheese, pizza, corn dogs, burritos, or leftovers.

1pm: Lunch

My husband usually goes downstairs from 1pm to 2pm and we eat lunch together.

2pm to 3pm: Activity Time

This is usually the slot where we either go out in the backyard, play with their toys, or I’ll have them do an activity.

5pm: Dinner Prep

I usually prep for dinner, and the kids have the option of playing in the backyard or some screen time.

6:30pm: Dinner time

The best part of the pandemic is being able to eat dinner as a family. Before the pandemic, my husband would get home around 7:30pm or 8pm so it was rare to eat dinner as a family on weekdays.

NOTE: If I have any virtual happy hours with friends, I usually have them around 7pm.

7:30pm: Nighttime Routine

After dinner, my husband and I usually tag team the night time routine. One of us bathes the kids and gets them into PJs while the other tidies the living room and cleans the dishes. I usually shower around this time too to save me time in the morning.

9pm: Kids Bedtime

Our goal is to get the kids in bed between 8:30pm and 9pm.

9:30pm-12am: My Work Time

I work part-time, and ever since the pandemic hit, my hours have been cut tremendously. So my work load has been light and my projects and responsibilities are fortunately not time sensitive. I am able to work late in the evening.

So that’s my new norm and it deviates from time to time. I usually have my laptop open on the dining room table so when I have breaks (when kids are playing, when I’m waiting for food to cook, etc.) I can get some work done. My best days are the ones when we get a good walk in with some fresh air and sunshine. My “not so great” days are the ones where we end up being cooped up inside all day and I find myself watching a lot of news and social media.

That’s a day in the life of this mom of two young kids. What’s your schedule with this new norm?

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Born and raised in Orange County from immigrant parents, Allison Melanio is an Xennial (mix of Gen X and Millennial) mom of three young children – Maddox (6), Macy (4) and Margaux (4 months). Her husband and two kids currently reside in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA. Allison’s background includes an Entertainment PR Internship at Nickelodeon in NYC, a Journalism degree from CSULB and 11 years doing corporate communications and events at Altec, a software company in Laguna Hills, CA. Allison ended 2019 by resigning from her position at Altec and now works part time at Canon Medical Systems, USA as a Multimedia Specialist so she can devote more time to her young children. A typical Monday to Friday week for Allison includes two to three work days, a day to take the kids to Pretend City, Disneyland or the Park and a day to volunteer in her son’s PreK class and then them to ballet and karate. Allison loves making lists, exploring new places, planning (vacations, parties, and events) and making the most out of every day!