Everything You Need To Know About Zero Waste Refill Shops In Orange County

Everything You Need To Know About Zero Waste Refill Shops in Orange County

Have you heard of zero waste? It’s an amazing way to reduce the amount of trash that you make in order to have less of a harmful impact on the Earth. One way you can do this is by buying eco-friendly alternatives to products like toothbrushes or reusable shopping bags. Another is to reuse your containers of dish soap, shampoo, or lotion at zero waste refill shops.



What is a zero waste refill shop?

It’s a store that sells eco-friendly, non-toxic alternatives. Most have products for beauty, laundry, kitchen, and more. You can bring your clean containers (or purchase new ones in the store,) and fill them.


How does it work?

When you go to the store, you’ll begin by weighing your containers. You’ll write the weight (aka the tare) on the container. You can write T= the weight. This lets the staff subtract the weight of the container from the total so you only pay for the product weight.

Next, you’ll fill the container with your favorite products. I buy my dish soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar from local zero waste refill stores.

Finally, (after choosing a few other amazing zero waste alternatives like deodorant, travel cutlery, and more) you can check out and feel better about your impact on the planet.


Where can you find a zero waste refill shop in Orange County?


Fill Up, Buttercup! – Costa Mesa

1125 Victoria St Unit C

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

(714) 785-6686

Fill Up, Buttercup! is a beautiful refill store in Costa Mesa. Every time I go, it makes me feel happy. They even offer curbside pick up and local delivery using a 100% emissions-free electric street legal golf cart. And check out their Instagram for ideas for zero waste swaps.


Eco Now – Costa Mesa and Anaheim

2960 Bristol Street, #A112
Costa Mesa, CA 92626, US

207 W Center St Promenade
Anaheim, CA 92805, US

Eco Now has two locations: one in Costa Mesa and another in Anaheim. They’re set to open a third in Riverside. They are a small shop that’s filled with non-toxic alternatives. I recently brought my oldest son in for a trip, and the friendly staff indulged him by explaining the use for every item in the store. Check out their instagram for great reel tutorials.


BYO Long Beach – East Village Arts District, Algalita, and Rooted

431 E 1st Street (Between Linden & Elm)
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 435-3069

148 N Marina Drive
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 598-4889

3805 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 283-3489

I know, I know. Long Beach isn’t in Orange County. But if you’re close to Long Beach, head to one of BYO Long Beach’s three locations. This was the first refill shop I ever visited, and I was in awe. They have a great selection, and the staff is incredibly helpful and informative.


Are you interested in making some zero waste swaps? Comment below! And for more eco-friendly ideas, check out our posts on green school suppliesupcycling, and DIY handsoap, or head over to ecofriendlymama.com for more zero waste ideas!

Everything You Need To Know About Zero Waste Refill Shops in Orange County PIN

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