Dear Husband, Please Don’t Touch Me For The Next 3-5 Years

don't touch me

Dear Husband, Please don’t touch me for the next 3-5 years. I know, it seems like a long time, but I promise it’s not you, it’s me.

Let me explain.

Since having our children I have constantly had my space invaded. I cannot even take a shower without a small hand trying to grab me.

I hold our two-year-old every morning while I’m peeing. When I’m trying to work I have a tiny human sitting in my lap playing with my hair and punching me in the boobs.

If I’m sitting watching television I’m bombarded with feet on my hips and hands all over my face and arms. I’m most likely holding one child while the other is messing with my t-shirt.

My child is literally trying to crawl back inside the womb. And some days it would be easier if he did – at least I’d be hands-free for a few hours.

If I’m not being touched it’s someone shoving a toy in my face to look at asking me to watch them do a crazy trick they’ve just made up.

And that’s just when we are at home.

Out in public, I’m carrying at least one of our kids. Holding their hands to make sure they are safe. Getting them in and out of a car seat. It’s a daily grind I wanted, but it’s a daily grind that has taken a toll on me physically – one that I just didn’t realize could happen.

I’m constantly being touched.

On top of the touching, I feel like my senses are overloaded. The constant calling out for mommy and the needs that I have to meet before I can even put my pants on has got me tired. So tired.

I’m overstimulated and under-caffeinated.

And that’s why I can’t handle being touched by one more person – even if that person is you. Please don’t touch me right now.

It’s not that I don’t want to, I DO! That’s what got us into this mess in the first place! But somewhere along the way, I lost my personal space. The space that allows me to not be a crazy person.

And everyone needs their space!

I can’t even complete sentences anymore because I can’t focus.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to hug and cuddle our children – it’s the best feeling, but all of those hugs and cuddles can be a little overwhelming.

Which brings me to why I’m saying to you don’t touch me for the next 3-5 years. And how I want you to know it’s not you, it’s me – or rather it’s our children. You know the ones you love so much, remember??

I know I’m being dramatic, at least I hope I am. This time will be gone in an instant and I’ll miss all of the cuddles and hugs. But right now my desire to be touched is gone by 9am.

So, husband, if you’re wanting some summer lovin’ I suggest taking the kids for the day. Might help the odds be in your favor.


Your wife.

Dear Reader, can you relate? 

Dear Husband, Please Don't Touch Me For The Next 3-5 Years PIN


  1. Ugh, this is so tough! For me, it’s not as much the touching, but the fact that I NEVER. GET. A. BREAK. Unless I leave the house by myself. Even when my husband is home and willing to help, our daughter tends to default to me for everything. Lately, I’ve been making it a point to leave the house more often and not feel guilty about it. Or I encourage my husband and daughter to go out on a “date” once a month, which is like a little date for me and myself as well. Getting that time to myself has made me less crazy when I’m back on duty again.

    But you’re right…I tell myself the same thing…they won’t be small forever, and they won’t want to cuddle us forever. So I’m trying to savor it as much as I can.

  2. Oh how I love this! It says everything I always want to say. We all know these years of cuddles and being needed so much by our babies is going to be gone soon, so we ride it out while we can. I know I enjoy every single second, but feel horrible I have nothing left for my fiance. Soon enough it will be his turn again tho.

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