I’m Homeless and I’m Happy


Anaheim Moms BlogI am homeless!

I have 17 days left before my husband, three young boys and I have to get everything out of the house that we have worked so hard to make ours for the last 13 years.  Our first born will be on his own and not under our safe roof any longer. 

I will drive away and leave a city full of secure friends, neighbors, and church family.  People who truly make me feel included. We don’t know exactly what our monthly income will be going forward or even what career paths are in the future.  There is no set plan for where we will live or which city is waiting for us.  Most would feel scared and unsure in this situation.

All I feel is Joy. 

I think we all have that one crazy dream hiding in our mind that comes out to tempt us from time to time. 

Maybe your dream isn’t to be homeless, but I’m sure it’s something.

One day I will run a marathon, one day I will quit my job and travel to Africa, one day I will find joy, one day…one day? My husband and I would talk often about our “one-day” dream and it always included a time frame after our kids were grown, after we bought our forever home, after we saved up enough money…after…after?  

Then AFTER a night of praying, my eyes were opened.  Today is the only day!  There is no “one day.”

We get to wave goodbye and thank our friends, neighbors, and church family for teaching us to trust in the Lord.  We get to see what incredible plans are in our future.  We have no set route, no set time frame or no set agenda.  We don’t know what each day will look like except that we don’t want to watch the clock while playing with our boys.  We want to experience our “one day” with our children not after our children are on their own. 

In 17 days we live full time in a 300 sq ft motorhome parked somewhere around the US. And we can’t wait to experience each moment!

What is your “one-day” dream?  Are you living it?  Are you waiting for the perfect circumstances?  Because I can honestly say there are none.  You just have to go and do.


“I’m Bethany………..I’m through and through a Mama Bear.  Raised in sunny So Cal, but I only feel at home in the mountains.  I have a degree in Business Administration and a Certification as a Personal Trainer/Running Coach.  I’m fortunate to be able to  “Stay-At-Home” raising 3 young boys (Hunter 8, Levi 5, and Payton 5) with 2 other boys already out of the house.  Although I “stay at home”, I help my husband with his business, I’m a running coach and a LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer.  I strive to follow Jesus each day with my decisions.  My family and I are about to move into our RV to travel the US to fully let them experience learning instead of from a book.” 


  1. I’m so proud of you guys for making this courageous decision. Nothing gives you self confidence like letting everything go and having faith it will all turn out ok, one minute at a time. Please keep this updated so we can enjoy with you and when you are here look us up!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for writing and sharing (And you said you weren’t going to blog! So glad you changed your mind!!!). I will be so happy to follow your journey and adventures. Blessings and joy, my friend!

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