Joy In A Vacuum


We get a ton of deliveries. But this was a special one. Today I squealed like a little girl watching ‘NSYNC for the first time when my new vacuum arrived. New vacuum? Seriously. What happened to my life? I had a small moment of self-reflection about how your priorities are different when you are a mom.

Deliveries are a big deal around our house.

vacuumWe get a lot of them and each one is equally greeted by an enthusiastic toddler. We saw the Enterprise truck pull up and I knew exactly who it was…Amazon Prime. What did I do without you in my life? I can buy anything and it will show up at my doorstep maximum two days later. Sometimes earlier if you really need it right away. This must have been invented by a mom with a rambunctious toddler who is an escape artist in a shopping cart and a squealing infant . I had just put the monster down for a nap so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to greet the driver down the driveway like a crazy person. 

How did it come to this? The joy and satisfaction of a new vacuum.

In the hurricane of our last minute move I justified and sold it to my husband: Two dogs, two kids under 3, steps, carpet, and tri-level. I need this $300 hot pink oversized portable dust buster for my sanity.

What happened to the days of eagerly awaiting a new pair of shoes or hot little cocktail dress? Oh yeah! We don’t go out often and if we do I’m in jeans, sandals, or something comfy.

vacuumI imagine myself dancing around the house vacuuming every crevice and corner like the lady on the box. Sans the white pants and sleek ponytail….seriously Dyson? What stay at home mom wears white pants while cleaning?

It’s fun to think about but the truth is I’m wearing yoga pants, a dirty tank top, and haven’t made it to the gym in weeks.

It’s the small things in life that can make us happy and get us through the day. Keep calm and vacuum on!