20 Unknown Uses for Diaper Wipes


diaper wipes

Before I had my son, I don’t even think I knew what “wipes” were. I mean, I have a niece who is five years older than my son, so I had some idea, but I literally thought they were only used to wipe little baby bums. But after my son came along a little over four years ago, I quickly learned that even when he no longer needed them and was out of diapers, I would be using them for a LONG time to come — and I’ll be honest, I probably could have used them even BEFORE I had him!

We all know the main purpose of the diaper wipe, as I mentioned above, to wipe baby and toddler bums. But, I wanted to share some possibly unknown uses for the diaper wipe and why I’ll be carrying these babies around for a long, long time.

The cleaning purposes:

  • To clean utensils after a picnic.
  • To clean spilled coffee in your car.
  • To clean sticky fingers.
  • To clean dirt or gum off your shoes.
  • To clean a table at a restaurant.
  • To clean bird poop off your car window.
  • To clean toys and dusting shelves.
  • To clean marker out of your kid’s ear. (You might laugh, but I literally did this the other day!)
  • To clean off your cell phone after sticky fingers decide they NEED to watch Nick Jr. after eating chips.

As well as a few other ways I’ve used them:

  • As a gum holder or an uneaten lollipop holder.
  • To blow your nose if you don’t have a tissue.

I knew there had to be more ways to use wipes than I had previously experienced myself so I asked some friends how they use wipes, in the non-tradition sense. Here’s what they said:

  • To clean your sunglasses. – Desiree, Macke Monologues
  • To remove makeup. – Jen, And Hattie Makes Three
  • To clean a high chair or booster seat after your child eats. – Cat, Thrifty Littles
  • To wipe down the TV screen or wipe off mirrors. – Whitney, Work It Mommy
  • To apply temporary tattoos! Because sometimes that can’t wait until you get home! – Laureen, Chateau Deveau
  • To wipe off mascara before you get in the shower. To let your kids “help” you when you clean and you don’t want to give them real cleaning products. To get dog “eye boogers”. To clean a chalkboard. – Courtney, Sweet Turtle Soup
  • To clean makeup brushes between color changes. – Chrissy, Simple Joys
  • To clean a spill on your purse. To clean the shopping cart handles. – Natalie, East Coast Chic
  • To clean glue or paint off little hands after an art project. – Meghan, The Adventure Starts Here

Ok, maybe not all of these are “unknown” uses because I’m sure most people have cleaned a messy face or sticky fingers or a restaurant table with a wipe, but they’re all definitely not things I would have thought of using a wipe for before having a child. And to be honest, they’re probably not even things I would think to use wipes for if I didn’t have them in my purse 24/7. I swear there is not one thing in the world that I couldn’t or wouldn’t use a wipe to clean – ha!

As my husband says, “you can clean your kid from his nose to his toes!” Ain’t that the truth!

20 Unknown Uses for Diaper Wipes

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  1. Sometimes I just give my kids what I like to call a “wipe bath” … Basically just wipe them down and call it bathed ?

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