32 Valentines For Kids


32 Valentine's for KidsValentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If you had forgotten about it, don’t feel too bad–it completely slipped my mind as well! With so much going on and expected of us mamas daily, who has time to remember any holiday for that matter?  

Remember when we were kids and our Moms took us to the local drug store, where we picked out a pack of Valentines, a box of conversation hearts, and a roll of tape on the night before the Valentine’s Day party at school?

My job was to sign my name on the back in magic marker ink, carefully so it didn’t smudge, and tape one cute heart onto each card.

Boom, done.  

This task was mostly mine to handle, the ‘kid’ at the time, and my responsibility to take to school and pass them out to each student in class. That’s it, no hassles, and definitely no need to prep for weeks ahead of time.

To say things have changed is certainly an understatement.

In this, the day and age of Pinterest, and crafty ladies everywhere, it seems that oftentimes those cute drug store Valentine’s just don’t cut it. Although it is my heartfelt belief that any and all Valentines come straight from the heart, many kiddos these days want eye-catching cards that will stand out among the box full of store-bought cards.

This is great if your a crafty mom like me, but even if not, it can still be fun to make some, especially if you have easy to follow instructions like you’ll find in this collection of 32 creative Valentine ideas for kids. You’ll fall in love (yup-pun intended) with this list of creative Valentine cards! Easy crafts kids can put together themselves or work together with mom, including lots of fun free printables!

Take an hour and spend some quality time with your child making anyone (or more!) of these adorable Valentines for school!

32 Valentines Printables for Kids


  1. Free Printable Woodland Valentines
  2. Heart Candy Pouches
  3. Rubber Ducky Valentines Idea
  4. Printable Minion Valentine
  5. Play-Doh Valentines Printable
  6. Mustache Valentine w/ Free Printable
  7. You’re Everything and a Bag of Chips Printable
  8. Jump Rope Printable Valentines
  9. ‘Write’ to the Point Candy Free Valentine
  10. You Are Bubbles of Fun Valentine
  11. Monkey Valentines
  12. Playdough  Gift Toppers
  13. Seed Packet Valentines
  14. Valentine Maze
  15. 14 Days of Valentines for Kids
  16. Printable Word Search Valentine
  17. Push Pop Valentines
  18. No Candy Printable Bubble Valentine
  19. Sweet Valentine Printables
  20. 20+ Valentines for Kids!
  21. You Can’t Erase My Love Valentine
  22. You’re the ‘Write’ One for Me Valentine
  23. Stay Cool Printable Valentine
  24. Clementine Valentine (Non-Candy)
  25. Bubble Valentines
  26. You’re ‘Spec’tacular Valentine
  27. Free ‘Valenslime’ labels
  28. You’re One in a Minion Valentine
  29. Kool-Aid Valentine
  30. Doily Heart Pouches
  31. Pretty Valentines Heart Cards
  32. Loom Band Free Printable Tag
  33. BONUS: Star Wars Valentines Printable!!
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