Jill Sambol

Jill grew up in the Irvine bubble. She went to school in San Diego and gravitated back after graduation. She has been working for the same company for the past 15 years as the Marketing Manager of a label company. One of the biggest perks is going to wine and craft beer tradeshows (need we say more). She met her husband through Match.com and has been married for 6 years. She has a 4 year old daughter, Lily, a 13 month old son, Caden, an 11 year old dog, Montana, a 11 year old cat, Chloe, and a 8 year old cat, Spike. To say her house is a zoo is an understatement. When she’s not vacuuming the hair off the ground, or cleaning the food off the walls, she loves spending time with the family going to Disneyland (new AP) and finding new parks to play at.
Jill's Favorite Posts from 2017

Jill’s Favorite Posts from 2017

Our Contributor Jill has compiled her list!  Are some of your favorite posts on her list?   Jill's Favorite Posts from 2017 My Top "I Would Nevers" Letter To My Challenging One-Year-Old Scheduling Sex Work/Life Balance...
hosting christmas

Oy Vey, I’m Hosting Christmas!

As you can guess by the title of this post, I'm Jewish. I was born and raised Jewish, had the Bat Mitzvah, attended Hebrew School, went to Shabbat services.... But, I married a gentile....
Finished Having Babies

Knowing When You Are Finished Having Babies

I always wanted three kids. To be exact, I wanted a boy, a girl, and then another boy. In hindsight, I am glad I had the girl first because after having my boy, I don't...
cheap wine

Cheap Wine For Moms – Our Top 5 Picks Under $10

Fueled by coffee in the morning, and sustained by wine in the evening. Moms and cheap wine go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, salt and pepper, macaroni and cheese.  Throughout the...
family goes to Costco

Field Trip? My Family Goes To Costco

One of our favorite excursions as a family is heading to Costco. Yup, you read it correctly.... My family goes to Costco for fun. For me, it's all about what new items do they have...
My Top I Would Never

My Top “I Would Nevers”

I said I would never do this. I said I would never put a sign on my door saying the baby is sleeping. I said I would be loud so the baby could sleep...
Anaheim Moms Blog

Not A Fan Of Kids

I'm not a fan of kids. There, I've said it. I realized that I don't like other peoples kids.  I love my kids and think my kids are awesome...even my P.I.T.A  I've realized that I...
anaheim moms blog

My Interview With This Amazing 7-Year-Old Entrepreneur

When the word entrepreneur is said most people think about someone who has gone out and started their own business(es).  Generally, an entrepreneur is an adult.  But when an entrepreneur is a child, well...
anaheim moms blog

Letter To My Challenging One-Year-Old

Dear my sweet, cute P.I.T.A (Pain In The You Know What) Challenging One-Year-Old Today is your first birthday and although we love you, a lot...I still don't know how we survived your first year.  Let...