Why OC Families Love Football

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We asked some moms to weigh in on why their OC families love football, and they did not disappoint! From flag football to high school games and even pro… they shared about the social aspect, the family time, and more. We know each OC family is different but here is a recap of some of the most common answers that we heard.


Why OC Moms Love Football

A consistent thread from several moms was the family feel that football brings them. Some grew up in football families, others didn’t get into football until they had kids. But everyone that shared about this aspect of football mentioned that they love the camaraderie and the bonding. Hearing some of the moms talking about football in a way that made it almost like a tradition for their family. It was really special!


Why OC Kids + Dads Love Football

The kids we chatted with loved to play different positions, spend time with their friends, and also loved watching football each weekend. The dads we chatted with talked about the simplicity of playing catch and how special that was to them which feels like such a core memory for many!


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What we learned

Football is really important to many OC families. The food, the teams, the flag football and high school games, the Sunday nights spent together … it all holds a special place in their hearts which is why they make it a priority. OC families love football because of the tradition of it and the strong roots it holds in their families.


What do YOU love about football? We would love to hear in the comments!



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