Do Your Kids Have Skidmarks? Well, We’ve Found A Solution With Skiddies!

This post is brought to you by our sponsors at Skiddies

Skidmarks – we see them, we try to clean them and we generally can’t get around them.

But oftentimes, those skidmarks are impossible to get out – which means another cute pair of underwear is lost.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!  We’ve found a solution to all of our skidmark issues – and the answer is Skiddies!

When kids grow out of pull-ups and haven’t quite got the hang of wiping they sometimes leave those pesky ‘skidmarks’.  And when it becomes a regular problem, kids just don’t want to go back to pull-ups or wear any kind of crinkly pad, so moms have to take care of it some way.

Up until now, lots of moms have carried extra underwear so they can change out the soiled ones and throw them out.

But now SKIDDIES is a better answer.

SKIDDIES is a small piece of soft, 100% cotton, about the size of your hand, with ‘sticky’ on the back that attaches to the inside of the underwear to catch the skidmarks.  When skidmarks appear, just peel off the SKIDDIE, dispose of it, and apply a new one.


You can go to the SKIDDIES website and see a video about how they work – and you can request a free sample pack so you can try them out.

Here’s what a few moms have to say about SKIDDIES:


Hello Skiddies!  I just wanted to thank you and tell you what a difference your product has made for my family.  My son has struggled with pooping & cleaning himself.   Using Skiddies has allowed him to be able to wear underwear and allow me to take him out and fix the problem in a much easier, cleaner way.  Now we are not throwing out or hand washing so many messy undies.  I truly think you have an untapped market with your product!


We love your product!!! This is a game-changer for my son!  He leaks and he’s 7 years old!   With Skiddies he doesn’t have to wear pull ups now and he needs something in his underwear to catch the leakage. These allow him to wear real underwear without bulk or noise from pull ups. I prepare beforehand and put in his underwear drawer and he gets them out like “normal”  He now even gets to stay nights with a friend with this kind of freedom. It makes playing sports much more comfortable. His confidence has risen! Thank you! Gift from Heaven !!!!


Hello,  I’m contacting you from England.  My 6 year old has mild issues with constipation and overflow water that passes around the solid ‘poo’.  I have been looking for a product to save her knickers from soiling, staining and having to be thrown away. I came across your product while doing an internet search (it appears to be the only one of its kind I can find) and it looks like just the thing I’ve been looking for. We’ve tried them and they work great!!!


Hello! I am a very happy and repeat Skiddies customer. I just want to thank you for your wonderful product.  It’s made such a difference in my daughter’s life.


Skiddies have been a really great help for my 7 year old.  At times he expels small pieces of ‘poo’, and when he has an accident at school he can just take the Skiddie out and put in another one.  He doesn’t have to worry about soiled underwear and it has really helped his esteem.


I got these for my 4 year old that leaks small amounts of poop a few times a day.  Until now we’ve been using panty liners because she refuses to wear pull-ups.
Now we’ve found Skiddies and they cover a wider area and the thinness of the fabric makes it so she doesn’t even notice.


Love this product!!   It has given my daughter a whole new level of confidence and freedom. She drips a little through the day and makes skidmarks.  This product gets her out of pull-ups and into regular underwear.   No bulky noisy pull-ups!   Love!