My Toddler has New Baby FOMO


new baby fomo

FOMO – Fear of Missing out.  I thought FOMO was just for people who couldn’t make decisions.  I was wrong.  Apparently, my Toddler has FOMO and it is literally killing me.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but no one told me it would be this hard. I was prepared for the newborn phase again.

Been there. Done that. 

But what I was not prepared for were the extremes I would face from my toddler. His emotions are worse than a hormonal high school cheerleader on her period during finals. Doesn’t he know this is a transition for all of us!

He loves his new baby brother and is so kind and sweet giving him kisses and being a great helper. Then the next minute he snaps as trains and blocks fly by the baby’s head and I fear a one-sided UFC match could break out.

Do I put a plastic bubble around my defenseless newborn? I feel like I have to put up my hands and guard him as soon as my toddler comes near not knowing if I was getting Jekyll or Hyde.

In this time of new life changes, my toddler has decided to stop napping. This is when he and I need it the most! He stays up late and wakes up early. All of the activities that he normally loves and wouldn’t blink an eye to miss he doesn’t want to do anymore. He wants to stay home all the time.

My toddler has some serious FOMO right now.

All I want to do is get out every once and a while and do something “fun”.

I know it’s a phase and he will grow out of it but in his long 2.5-year life a new baby is the most monumental soul-crushing thing that has happened.

I feel for him.

He was once the prince (and still is and getting plenty of attention) but his world was rocked. He used to have mommy all to himself and now there is a tiny creature sucking on mommy’s boobs all day and he doesn’t understand why the baby is always eating.

My house is a disaster, laundry piling up and dishes stacked high.

The toddler tornado strikes especially while I am nursing.

I am on very little sleep and have roller coaster hormones and emotions myself. I am not depressed but feeling defeated. I know I am not alone and that this phase will pass but it’s hard. I’ve learned to take a deep breath and take one day at a time.

It’s ok to cry and pour a slightly larger glass of wine. It’s needed.

Does your first child have FOMO?  Tell me I’m not alone!



  1. You are not alone!!!
    I had twin girls first, and their baby brother was born when they were 2.5. They had started ballet classes a couple months before the birth and had such bad fomo for the hour of class (mind you i was in the next room and could be seen through the sheer curtain in the doorway) that we had to drop the class after that one session. I waited until they asked about it again, and eventually (a year and a half later) they are back in. 2.5 is so young. I wish i had appreciated the time more when all they needed was mama. Now they talk back. 😉

    I got great advice/insight from a teacher, like that the attachment and regression stuff may not start until a couple/few months in. I guess when they realize the baby is staying?

    Some might not agree, but I think letting my girls have time to still be “the baby” helped and like i said i wish i’d done it more. I think we stressed letting them be “big sisters” as much as possible and help out with things, but at the end of the day, they just wanted to be held, snuggled and read to. And that age is the end/transition of that phase so if I would let them have that if i did it again.

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