My Daily Mom Struggle: Then And Now


daily mom struggle

I work as a full time stay at home mom (SAHM) of two little boys. I am thankful that my husband can support us and I don’t currently work an office job, though I had one for the first year with my oldest son. Here I reflect on the differences between the two, my daily mom struggle, and how I took for granted some of the simpler daily things.

Getting Ready

Office job – I had to take a shower in the morning and put on clean clothes. I got to do my hair and at least minimal makeup. I looked in the mirror and made sure I looked presentable and fresh.

SAHM – I haven’t showered in 48 hours and am wearing the same nursing top and sweat pants from yesterday. My hair styles have varied today from braid to messy bun. The Fed Ex driver and Prime delivery gal have seen me at my worst.

Getting Out

Office Job – Everyday I would leave the house, drive in my car, and have conversations with other adults.

SAHM – Today we might leave the house and attempt one stressful errand. My child is a homebody and it can take lots of convincing, bribes, and at least an hour to get into the car and maybe go to the grocery store. The daily mom struggle is real.


Office Job – I would pack myself a nice healthy lunch and plenty of snacks to eat peacefully at my desk. Sometimes my coworkers and I would go out to eat or do yoga during our lunch hour.

SAHM – Lunch? Who me? I made 6 different requested lunches today that no one ate and am running on cold coffee and leftover toddler snacks. I went outside to take out the trash and the only exercise I have done is chase my child up the stairs for a potty break.

Meeting with the Boss

Office Job – My meetings with my bosses usually involved an afternoon coffee, productive conversation, and calendaring of events. 

SAHM – Today my boss was angry because I put the strawberries in a blue bowl instead of the orange one and I lined up the trains in the wrong order. Our calendar of events include trash day, when the street sweeper comes, and how many times we see a truck out the front window. 


Office Job – At the end of the day you shut down your computer, clean up your space, and leave everything behind. You get to drive home to your family and pick up where you left off.

SAHM – There is no end. You live in a cyclone of dishes, laundry, cleaning, and chaos. When you think you have everything put away you step on a Lego. And we all know how that makes us feel….


Despite my daily mom struggle, I take one day at a time and am thankful for these days with my kids. I sometimes miss the career world and having that work purpose. But my purpose is different right now. I am not a picture perfect housewife and most days we are in survival mode. I am peed on, spit-up on, stepped all over, and mentally drained but rewarded with smiles and snuggles. There is nothing more satisfying than two sleeping children at the end of the day…followed by a big glass of wine.