Children’s Television Shows {And the Questions I Have}


Children's Television Shows {And the Questions I Have}I’m going to be honest.  I let my children watch Television.  There, I admitted it.  And now that I’ve admitted it we can move on to the REALLY serious stuff.  

I realize children’s television shows can be entertaining, educational, and they can also be mind-boggling.  I KNOW that you are supposed to suspend your disbelief for all movies and television shows, but sometimes it’s just TOO weird not to comment on.  


These children fight crime at night and still manage to go to school during the day.  Are the vampires as well?  Do they not sleep?  Where can I get their energy, is it sold in stores?


Apparently, in this show, you are supposed to believe that two Jr. high boys are able to figure out how to heal superheroes despite the fact that they can barely do their homework.  In this world, they manage to outsmart the smartest doctors in the Universe.


Have you ever noticed that all of the characters have their own lands except Plex?  He lives in a closet.  I know he’s a robot, but how sad!  


Daniel Tiger never wears pants, unless he’s wearing pajamas.  So does that mean he is naked from the waist down during the day??  


I don’t even know where to begin with this one.  First of all, where does Masha live?  Why is Masha playing with a bear?  And where are her parents?  It appears as if Bear is pretty annoyed with Masha.  Is this paralleling the real-life drama of having children?


What is happening in this town?  If Mayor Goodway needs to ask a child and his puppies to help run her town, why is she still in office?  Where are Ryder’s parents? And why does she keep that blasted Chickaletta? 

What shows would you add?  What have YOU questioned?!


Children's Television Shows {And the Questions I Have}