Every New Mother Needs A Little Helper

We are thrilled to partner with WonderSlim® for Nursing Mothers for this post!

New Mother's Little Helper

Every new mother needs a little helper.

A new mother needs someone to do the laundry and clean all. the. floors. to someone to simply hold the baby when a shower is needed – and for reals, it is NEEDED!

Not only do new mothers have a tiny human to take care of, but they also have to take care of themselves.  And when you’re a nursing mom you are always worried about whether the baby is eating enough, or whether what you’re eating is the right nutrition for you and the baby.

Instead of adding another thing to a new mother’s plate – literally – wouldn’t it be awesome if someone else delivered a new mother’s food right to her door.   And even better wouldn’t it be awesome if that food was nutritious for not only her but the baby too?

And bonus – wouldn’t it be amazing if the nutrition helped to lose the baby weight?

Enter – WonderSlim® for Nursing Mothers

This amazing program is for any new mother! This is what you can expect::

  • Great tasting, HIGH protein + portion-controlled meals
  • Easy-to-follow meal plans, exercise and stress-relief guides designed especially for nursing mothers.
  • Convenient!
  • 3 different plans to choose from based on your needs
  • Won’t disrupt milk production
  • EXCELLENT customer service
  • 150% Money back guarantee

WonderSlim® for Nursing Mothers takes all of the guesswork out of trying to create nutrient-dense meals while also doing all things mom.  And let’s face it – that first year after baby is hard! Not only are you sleep-deprived but your body has just gone through a miraculous change which also can affect your hormones and emotional state. 

After having my first baby I was exhausted – taking a shower, making a healthy lunch, and even brushing my hair became chores I dreaded.  WonderSlim® is a gift every new mother should give to themselves! Because as a new mother your #1 priority is to take care of that little baby – and the best way to take care of the baby is to make sure you are taking care of yourself!

It’s EASY!

I think it’s safe to say that convenience is a top priority for any new mom.  Thankfully the WonderSlim® for Nursing Mothers is EASY!  Seriously – no crazy twenty step recipe or meal plan – it’s all so convenient.  

Ready to give yourself a little help?! 

Visit WonderSlim®   and use code OCMOM for $20 off $89+ Order (valid on a Nursing Mother’s Plan and a la carte purchases and ANY other PLAN).

*The coupon will be valid until October 15, 2019

Have questions?  Check out the FAQ page – they’ve answered everything!


new mother's little helper


  1. Wow, this sounds like the perfect thing for a new mom, heck any mom. I think I might need to try this one out.

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