5 Perfect Gifts New Moms Really Appreciate

5 Perfect Gifts New Moms Really Appreciate

Do you have a friend or a family member expecting a baby soon? Are you wondering what to get outside of the normal floral arrangement and balloons? As a mother of three, these are the top five ways and/or items that have been given to me and are much needed gifts new moms are sure to love:


5 Perfect Gifts New Moms Really Appreciate


#1 – Food

Food is, in my opinion, ten times better than a “Welcome New Baby” balloon. After giving birth to my last child, I appreciated the gift of “food.” Having two other young children in the house, the idea of making food or running out to get food was added stress and effort. I had friends drop off restaurant meals, homemade meals, smoothies, coffee, desserts, and snacks. Some delivered it via a food delivery service, some delivered in person and some simply left it on my doorstep.

My best friend created a meal train and helped family members and friends schedule their “food” gifts to prevent all of the food from coming at once. The meal train also helped us taste a variety of food because gift-givers could write down the items so others could see.


#2 – Supplies

Outside of the cute baby outfits, the items I appreciated were supplies like paper towels, toilet paper, and bottled waters from Costco. My mother-in-law did a Costco run for us and we appreciated it because we were consuming so many items daily – more so since we were staying home due to the COVID pandemic. I had stocked up on items before the baby came but the post-baby Costco run helped with the continuity.


#3 – Household Chores

I still remember when I had my first child. I was exhausted and my best friend came over and without asking just did my dishes. It’s something I will forever remember because, at that time in my life, it’s exactly what I needed. With a newborn in the house, many moms just need that extra set of hands whether it be doing a mundane household chore or simply watch a newborn baby so a mom could take a shower. Acts of service like household chores are gifts new moms will always need. 


#4 – Playtime for the other kids and/or pets

This may not be applicable for everyone but if the new mama has older kids or pets, they will appreciate it. In the first days and weeks with the new baby, I pretty much stayed home so it meant a lot when my friends would take the kids to the park for some fun.


#5 – Personalized Gifts

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift and there are so many options ranging from blankets, apparel, toys, and more. Our last baby was a (gender) surprise so we had two names picked out based on gender. Once she was born, we received a pink blanket with her name and we appreciated it. Personalized gifts add a special touch to any present.



I hope these ideas of gifts new moms really need helped you think outside of the box and remember that no matter what you get or do – moms always appreciate it.

5 Perfect Gifts New Moms Really Appreciate PIN

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Allison Melanio
Born and raised in Orange County from immigrant parents, Allison Melanio is an Xennial (mix of Gen X and Millennial) mom of three young children – Maddox (6), Macy (4) and Margaux (4 months). Her husband and two kids currently reside in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA. Allison’s background includes an Entertainment PR Internship at Nickelodeon in NYC, a Journalism degree from CSULB and 11 years doing corporate communications and events at Altec, a software company in Laguna Hills, CA. Allison ended 2019 by resigning from her position at Altec and now works part time at Canon Medical Systems, USA as a Multimedia Specialist so she can devote more time to her young children. A typical Monday to Friday week for Allison includes two to three work days, a day to take the kids to Pretend City, Disneyland or the Park and a day to volunteer in her son’s PreK class and then them to ballet and karate. Allison loves making lists, exploring new places, planning (vacations, parties, and events) and making the most out of every day!