Traffic in Orange County

We are thrilled to bring you our Moving to Orange County Guide sponsored by Living Well Pregnancy Centers + Germicidal Maids!

traffic in Orange CountyTraffic in Orange County can get ugly, but if you know how to navigate, when to avoid freeways and where to live based on your job, it’s not as crazy as it seems.

This is especially important information to glean when you are looking for a home. Quality of life, time on the road and availability of options all will matter when making the decision to move.

By using more than one traffic alert system, navigating around Orange County can be tolerable, but it’s still good to know times and traffic patterns to get around the county.

Traffic Hacks
Waze is a great addition to getting around the county. Check traffic before you leave your
home if you have to use freeways.

Toll Roads are also great options, and carpool lanes (not HOV) are 24/7 because we don’t ever not have traffic. Ever.

Orange County Traffic “Speak”

We frequently use minutes to describe how far away a location is; because miles just doesn’t cut it. Think of it this way; Downtown LA is roughly 25-35 miles from Anaheim, yet it takes more than an hour typically without traffic.

Also, Southern Californians refer to their freeways systems with “the” in front of any freeway number. If you want a fun historical article to read as to why click here.
Otherwise just know that we firmly stand by this idea, and everyone here will look at you with crazy eyes if you say just the number. It’s The 5 Freeway, not 5.

Traffic can be a big bummer, but it’s worth it considering how amazing it is to live in a place that has the beach, mountains and 75 degree weather year round!

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