OC Mom’s Ultimate Gift Guide Kids 9 to 11 Years Old

Ultimate Gift Guide 9 - 11

Kids 9 to 11 can be a tough age; not little kids any more, but not yet teens. This gift guide for kids 9 to 11 years old is sure to help you win the Holidays this year with fun, interactive, and educational gifts they are sure to love.

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Brain Candy::

Looking for ways to challenge and engage kids this age can be challenging! This Gift Guide for kids 9 to 11 years old helps to marry the love of learning and the joy of something new and fun! STEM activities and ways to challenge their minds are a gift that keeps on giving!

Logic Puzzles

Magnetic Science Kit

Liquid Science Kit

Erupt! Lab Kit

Space Science Kit

Geode Kit

Genius Starter Kit

Monopoly Villains

Harry Potter Clue

Building Sets::

Legos and all things building are a huge hot gift for kids 9 to 11! They get to work on problem solving, logistics and creativity all in one! Get great gift for those special kids in your life from this gift guide!

Engineering Kit

LEGO The Crafting Box

Space Shuttle

Make a Lego Movie

Technic Cement Mixer

Lego The Child

Tiger Hot Air Balloon

LEGO Avengers Tower

LEGO Dots Pencil Holder

Let Them Make Things::

Start them early with their own DIY kits here! This Gift Guide for kids 9 to 11 features so many great ways for your kids to learn and grow while having fun. At the end they get to have something that they can feel accomplished and proud of!

Lip Balm Science Lab

Ice Cream Maker

Mega Slime Lab

Paint a Squishie

SlimySand Bucket

Fashion Press

Toys For The Big Kids::

There are lots of fun toys that are simply just fun to play with! Kids can’t turn off that vivid imagination and creativity making the toys from this gift guide for kids 9 to 11 great options to keep pushing those limits for them!

Make Up Set

Dance Mat

Frozen 2 Set

R2-D2 app enabled droid

Arcade Pocket Player

Robot Dog

Get Them Outside::

Outside they can learn, explore, soak up the sun and get some fresh air! There will never be a dull moment with the fun items from this gift guide, your curious 9 to 11 year old and the great outdoors!

Telescope for kids

Laser Tag


Girls Inline Skate

2 in 1 Inline Skate


Arts and Crafts::

Another great way for them to express their creative and artistic side and have something at the end of the day they can be proud of!

Paint by Sticker Unicorn

Creative Drawing Kit

Frozen 2 Fashion Design

Super Spirograph


Unicorn Journal Kit

Happy Holidays from all of us at OC Mom Collective!

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide kids 9 – 11 and will check out more of our amazing guides below!

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