OC Mom’s Ultimate Gift Guide Babies and Toddlers

GIft Guide for Babies and Toddlers

Baby’s first Holiday Season is so exciting and fun! Hopefully, this Gift Guide Babies and Toddlers must-haves is helpful for those of you navigating the new baby world!

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Congrats on your newest little one to love!! Enjoying baby’s first Christmas is nothing short of exciting!! This gift guide babies and toddlers will help you to find the perfect way to celebrate a sweet growing little bundle.

Sea Dreams Soother

iPlay Teether Rattle Set

Baby Biceps Gift Set

Kick and Play Gym

Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Musical Mat

Baby Care::

Cozy little bed wrap that we wish was our size is a fitting little snuggle for your new little one. Here you will find a soft and adorable bath rope, teething bibs, play mat to contain that cute little one before they start moving and shaking. And to cap it off with a book to help them to learn all the wonderful things they will be!

Rub a Dub Set

Fun Quote Sock Set

Fleece Knit Swaddler

Floor Tiles

Teether Bib

Wonderful Things book

My First Tool Set

My First Soft Book

Smooth Moves Sloth


Not quite a baby but not quite a big kid! Every year as your little one grows it gets more and more fun! Now they know a little more about the world and seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes is magical! This gift guide babies and toddlers is a great way to help find the perfect gift for your growing little love!

Carrots Harvest Sorter

Stacking Peg Board

Pop-a-ball Bulldozer

Tummy Time Mirror

Busy Board

Wood Activity Cube

My First Minnie Plane

Ride on Car

Ride on Recycle Truck

Toddlers Eating::

Now that these little people are eating some solid food, we have put together some great options to make eating practical and fun! Even the most stubborn eater can’t resist a dirt digging truck serving up the food!

Divided Suction Plate

Construction Utensils

Stay Put Bowls

Miracle 360 Sipper

Weighted Sipper

Crawl and Climb Blocks

Happy Holidays from all of us at OC Mom Collective!

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide babies and toddlers and will find more gifts for all the people you love below!

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