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When my youngest was a toddler I had several people tell me to sign up for music classes. They talked about how amazing music was for little kids and their development. Rhythm, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, language, helping their mind and body work together… music lessons can help with all of that!  I wanted to find options that were fun that would help us set good foundations for a love of music that would continue to grow as my kids grew. Good news for Orange County families, The Music Factory has great music lesson options!

The Music Factory’s Kidzrock program is the only one like it in the nation. They work with kids ages 4 to 7 to learn how to really play in a rock band. They provide everything that you need at the classes and your kiddo will rotate between instruments with the end goal of putting on a real concert for you. Isn’t that so fun?!

The Music Factory has been in operation since 2006 and has taught thousands of people of all ages how to love and play music. The instructors are real musicians and also employees of The Music Factory, meaning that they have specific requirements for credentials and curriculum. There are locations in both Aliso Viejo and Costa Mesa.

If you have kids who are a bit older, you need to check out their Modern Piano Lab option at the Aliso Viejo location. They realized the problem that piano lessons hadn’t changed in 100 years… and set out to fix that! Your kids (6-10 years old) can work at their own pace with video instruction, quizzes, and feedback. There is an instructor in class to oversee everything and help the students. The kids can relax and enjoy the process, which often means they learn even faster than in traditional lessons. Bonus? Your kids can even work on their lessons at home and continue to make progress throughout the week!

If you find yourself looking for some music lessons for your little ones in Orange County, definitely check out The Music Factory. I am confident you will have a great experience and your kiddo will have a blast (and learn a ton)!

Quick links to check out for music lessons in Orange County:

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