This Is Why I Love Holding Hands With My Husband

This Is Why I Love Holding Hands With My Husband

My first date with my husband was during the opening weekend of THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. The movie theater was packed and we still bought tickets to watch the movie in the front row. I met him the night before at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We started talking and didn’t stop until the end of the night, one of the best nights ever.


We decided to see each other the next day to continue the conversation.


As we were seated in the front row of the movie theater, the movie started playing. The setting couldn’t be less romantic: packed with people, the popcorn smell, and extra noise, but we were determined to watch the movie. The movie started and the comedy lightened the mood very quickly. In a dark theater on a first date, our necks were strained looking at the screen, and we started holding hands.


I don’t remember who held whose hand first, but we did. The thing I do remember was that it was the tightest hand hold I have ever experienced and I just thought it was the sweetest thing.


We came out of the movie theater and my hand was sore from his tight grip, but we continued on to dinner that night. That was almost 15 years ago and he still has that tight grip when we are holding hands. Maybe it’s how our hands fit together, or maybe it’s the way he holds hands, but until this day my hand is sore after five minutes.


Fast Forward


Now we have three kids running around and date nights seem to be less frequent. I love hanging out as a family, but those date nights, the times for just us, I miss so much. But I know I can count on a hand hold, to remember that first date and the times we went on scary rides together or just walking on a date.

Those are moments we connect and it’s just us even though our world has three growing children. We need the moments to connect, because it won’t always have kids running around. It will be just us again eventually and that connection is so important to me.


Holding hands brings our energies together and memories back.


During parenthood, we get less time for us, but we could always hold hands and I know when I feel that death grip he’s got me and I got him. It’s a place where we can be present with each other and those around us and remind ourselves of that first hand hold that started it all.

I know we could always go back to holding hands whenever we wanted even in front of the kids, when full on make-out sessions are kind of awkward.


I won’t stop trying to find the times to hold my husband’s hand. I even hold his hand sitting on the couch watching TV and as I fall asleep. I hope sharing this, you too can rekindle those connection moments that you can recreate in your new reality.


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