Your Parents Called Me, They Want Their Garage Back


Your Parents Called Me, They Want Their Garage Back

It’s a new year and so many resolutions to lose weight, pay off credit card debt and declutter or organize our homes. But now that you’ve settled down in a place, what about your stuff that’s at your parent’s home – in their garage – or up in that attic?

I’m a home organizer and I get called into older couples’ homes to clean out their garages. We get into it and we come across your items that your parents held on for you to come back for, except you haven’t.

Believe it or not, your mom kept everything from every report card from kindergarten to your college years and even some stuffed animals and the blanket you came home from the hospital in. She kept your board games, and soccer uniform, even all those notes we used to pass around folded into hearts and cute squares.

It’s all there.

She also kept it with the idea that when her grandchildren came to visit they might want to see your soccer trophies or play the board games. But because they were buried in the garage, her grandchildren don’t even know those items exist.

So first, let your mother know, you want to go through those items. Set up a day and time. This will give her a chance to find those boxes in the garage. If they are heavy let another person get them down for her.

Then over coffee or tea go through the boxes.

Laugh at those big hair pictures and gawk at the clothing trends.

Choose what needs to be tossed, donated, and the rest taken to your home. Put pictures into memory boxes, donate the board games- unless you plan on playing them at your home. But more than likely you already have those games at your house.

Go through the linens too. She probably has your dorm bedding or baby blankets gathering dust. If you don’t want to turn those items into a memory blanket – donate them. Homeless shelters always need blankets, coats, hats, gloves, shoes & socks.

Yearbooks and other school books that you want to keep, take them to your home as well. Down the road, if something happens to your parents and they need to downsize or move into a senior complex they won’t have time to go through your items. It may fall upon your shoulders and because of the lack of time, some items might get thrown away by mistake.

Even if your parents live out of the area, plan a date to go visit and let them know you want to go through your items while visiting. You can always ship items home instead of putting it into your luggage.

So start off gifting your parents with the gift of a clean garage.  Not only will they be grateful, but you’ll experience reliving some amazing childhood memories with them one more time.


Your Parents Called Me, They Want Their Garage Back