5 Ways to Boost the Mood in Your Home

5 Ways to Boost the Mood in Your Home

Helllloooooo 2022. January was bananas, it felt like the entire world was sick, and moods have been less than awesome in our house. I am personally calling a re-do for the ‘new’ start of 2022 and implementing these simple tips!


Check out ideas for 5 ways to boost the mood in your home:


#1 – Let in sunlight

Sunlight exposure increases the release of serotonin. I am not about to get all science-y with you…but that means it helps you feel calmer and boosts your mood.


#2 – Clean something

Everybody’s ‘thing’ is different. Some people want clean floors. Some want to clear clutter. Some need a cleared off counter. Pick your ‘thing’ and complete the task quick. It’ll help create more mental capacity and let you exhale a bit.


#3 – Diffuse oils

High quality oils can help boost your mood and also don’t have any hidden ingredients like artificial fragrance that can mess with our hormones. Citrus oils specifically are great options! Put some in a diffuser or make a room spray. My current favorite is lushious lemon from Young Living. It smells like pink lemonade lip smackers (anyone else obsessed with that in junior high?!).


#4 – Buy fresh flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers has the magical power to transform your mood. Grab some from a local shop and put them in the middle of your dining table or somewhere you will see them often. Flowers not your thing? Grab your favorite coffee!


#5 – Create a good mood playlist

We have Alexa (our favorite robot assistant) play music at some point every single day. Turn on your favorite radio station or playlist, crank it up, and dance your funky mood away!


These 5 tips may seem simple but they truly help boost the mood in your home! What else would you add to the list? I’d love to hear!


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