Thoughtful Ideas To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Thoughtful Ideas To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

First and foremost, I want to give a big shoutout to the teachers especially the ones who have had to navigate and educate during the last few years and all that entailed with COVID. It’s been a long season of transition, sacrifice, and commitment and I applaud each and everyone one of them.


With Teacher Appreciation Week coming (May 8-12), I wanted to throw out some fun ideas to show your child’s teachers some appreciation:


Flowers bring smiles to faces whether it’s a handpicked stem to a simple bouquet at Trader Joe’s. You can’t go wrong with flowers. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional flower either. Teachers love succulents, air plants, potted plants, etc.


Gift Cards

This was rated the #1 favorite gift item for teachers. Who doesn’t love the freedom of choice? You can get a gift card to their favorite store, restaurant, or even something generic like Target or Amazon.


New Books for the Class

While many teachers have established libraries, there are so many new books out that teachers would love. You should check out the children’s bestseller’s list for some ideas.



This one is a little tricky b/c you can’t really surprise them. So you can ask if they would like lunch one day or give them a gift card so they can choose. A free lunch for Teacher Appreciation Week is sure to make their day.


Pedicure or Manicure

Who doesn’t love a pedicure or a manicure? Teachers love this and would totally appreciate it – if a manicure or pedicure gift certificate is out of your budget, teachers love fun nail polishes, nail files, etc.

Or pamper them with a home spa gift like handmade lotions or artisanal soaps, such as these ones from Tangerine Jalene. As an added bonus, she is a local teacher as well, so by supporting her side hustle you’re helping two teachers for the price of one!


Class Wish List

Most teachers have a wish list. I know from personal experience, I know I’ve checked it earlier in the school year but haven’t really looked at it recently. I just saw it today and saw some new items like a Bluetooth speaker for the class which is something I’d love to buy for her. So if you’re like me, check out the wish list because you might find some good gift ideas.


Thank You Card

Sounds simple but there is something so genuine and thoughtful with a simple thank you card. If your budget or time is tight but want to show some appreciation – this may be the way to go.



Find out their favorite morning beverage and bring it to class in the morning or grab a box of their favorite teas for them to restock their collection.


Sweet Treat

Most people enjoy a sweet treat and it doesn’t have to be limited to a box of chocolates. Custom cookies, edible arrangements, gourmet popcorn, charcuterie boxes…there are so many options for all different taste buds.


Something for the Summer

With summer on the horizon, teachers would love a new beach towel or beach tote. Be sure to check out your local stores this is the time, they are starting to put out all their cute summer gear.


Hope these ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week helped inspire you to show some appreciation to your local teachers!

Thoughtful Ideas To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week PIN

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