My Top 20 Trader Joe’s Holiday Favorites


If I know one thing for sure, it’s that people love Trader Joe’s. While I can’t come out of there with spending less than a small fortune, I still have a special place in my heart for this grocer. And the holidays take that love to a whole other level!

And so without further babble, I present you with my top 20 Trader Joe’s holiday favorites you MUST pick up at your next shopping trip!

Trader Joe's holiday favorites

#1 – Cranberry Chevre

So if you know me, you know that my love for goat cheese runs deep. Not only does the sprinkle of cranberries in this one add a sweet touch but also some holiday flair!


#2 – Sparkling Cider/Cranberry

I think I speak for all of us when I say we are ready to ring in a new year! These sparkling juices are great for family toasts or also for adding a splash of sparkle to any holiday cocktail.


#3 – Gluten-Free Pie Shells

For all my gluten-free friends, this ready-made pie shell will make deserts easy peasy while also making it easy to stick to your dietary restrictions.


#4 – Orange Cranberry Tea Scones

I think these would be perfect with a warm cup of coffee on Christmas morning…petite enough to have a few of course!

Trader Joe's Holiday Favorites


#5 – Minty Mallows

Chocolate dipped and minty fresh, the best combo in a marshmallow that I ever did hear!


#6 – Pretzel Twist Assortment

So pretty and not to mention delicious, these pretzels would be great for holiday desserts or tie it up in a bow for gift giving!


#7 – Taste Test Of Caramels

Well, if you need someone to taste test caramels, I would say you need to look no further because I definitely volunteer! All of these little caramels look delicious and so pretty!


#8 – Cocoa Chile Spiced Pecans

Trader Joe’s definitely has some of the best varieties of nuts, and this one is no exception. The spicy and chocolaty sweet combo is unexpected but so good!


Trader Joe's Holiday Favorites

#9 – Cookie Mug Hangers

I’ve seen these toppers at cute little boutique stores but never wanted to splurge, but this 4 pack was just $2.49 so into the cart it went!


#10 – Rainbow Honey Sampler

I was at once so excited about this Trader Joe’s holiday favorites find because I have a honey lover on my Christmas list. The set comes with 6 small glass bottles of honey in a rainbow of colors and unique flavors!


#11 – Decked Out Tree Cookies

No time to make cookies this year? Well of course TJ has you covered. These Christmas tree cookies with chocolate filling are already decorated festively so just arrange on a platter with a side of holiday cheer!


#12 – Mozzarella Rolloni

I love that these come ready to serve but also they up the presentation factor of any charcuterie board!


Trader Joe's Holiday Favorites

#13 – Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds

For me, this one really needs no description. If you love almonds, chocolate, and peppermint, this one is a Trader Joe’s holiday favorites must buy!


#14 – Spice Market Set

Another great holiday gift idea for anyone who loves to cook. TJ’s has some great spices and this includes a sampling of some of their best: Spicy Italian, Cocoa Cinnamon Sugar, Everything But The Elote, Chili Lime, and Everything But The Bagel seasonings.


#15 – Fondue

I think these would be so perfect for the inevitable quarantined Christmas festivities. These little servings of fondue can be made and enjoyed without any special equipment. Plus the combination of Swiss and gruyere melted dipping cheese turns any occasion into a special one!


#16 – Mini Brie En Croute

These cute little brie wheels wrapped in croissant-like dough would be a perfect appetizer for a special dinner or for a wine night in!

Trader Joe's Holiday Favorites

#17 – Truffle Hot Sauce

I have always had a thing for truffle flavor. Last year I bought my husband a bottle of truffle hot sauce that was more expensive than I would have liked, but it was so delicious. This one reminds me of that but at a fraction of the cost!


#18 – Holiday Vegetable Hash

Some of my favorite winter veggies and herbs already washed, prepped, and diced for all your winter meals! Butternut squash, sweet potato, red onion, celery, parsley, sage, and rosemary are diced small and can be added to stuffings, pastas, scrambled eggs, and so much more!


#19 – Sweet And Spicy Mustard Sauce

This hearty and yummy sauce would be a great addition to briskets, stews, short ribs, or sausage pasta dishes and is perfect for the winter season!


#20 – Mini Gingerbread People

I get at least one box of these every single year, and it’s also possible that I eat the whole box to myself!


And there you have it, a few of my Trader Joe’s holiday favorites!  I should also add that I did not add wreaths, garlands, cinnamon sticks, or holiday floral to this list but they definitely have lots of great offerings to deck your halls with! Happy Shopping TJ Fans!

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