Julia Bendis

Julia Bendis was born in the Former Soviet Union and moved to the US at the age of thirteen with her parents and younger brother. The women in her family have always done three major things in their lives: feed everyone, match people and help everyone around them! Both her mother and grandmother have always dabbled in matchmaking, and continue to count numerous weddings and babies as a result. Julia's first match was when she was in high school, and she hasn’t stopped since. Matchmaking has literally been in her blood for generations, her mom and grandmother both matched people back in Russia and in the U.S. Julia's intuition and her ability to read people has developed even stronger as she got older. This intuition and her grandmother’s wisdom has guided and helped her over all these years, and Julia continues to use her wise words and advice to this day. Besides helping singles, she has always been a strong advocate for women, human trafficking victims, the LGBTQ community, minorities, immigrants and anyone who needs a helping hand. Julia decided to formally start her matchmaking business after years of helping people find their partners in life. She did it as a hobby in her free time but realized that she spent more time getting involved in people's love lives than any other job she had. Now decades later, she has established an incredible service, a big following, and hundreds of people who have benefited from her service, not to mention babies born due to her intuition. She works with male and female clients in Orange County and Los Angeles area. To this day you can witness Julia walking up to strangers wherever she goes, asking them if they are single, if she can help them find their partner in life, and offers invaluable dating and relationship advice. When she isn’t matchmaking, Julia speaks about her life as a Russian/Jewish immigrant, overcoming challenges and prejudice, writes about her resilient and hysterical Russian family, is trying her hand at comedy, and putting on singles events to raise money and resources for those less fortunate, and volunteers her time to local charities along with her husband and two children. Her oldest son is in college and her youngest is in high school. Stay tuned for her hysterical, but all true book about the matchmaking industry and crazy requests she has received over the span of her career! You can follow Julia on various social media platforms: Website: matchbyjulia.com Comedic blog: easternblocklox.wordpress.com Facebook: @Julia Bendis and @matchbyjulia Instagram: @matchbyjulia
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