Brenae Bradley

Brenae grew up in Southern California and moved to Houston, Texas nearly 8 years ago. She's been married to her husband, Matt, for over 4 years and they have two young children, Silas (2) and Verity (5 months). Brenae spends her days home with her babies, blogging over at, taking photos, avoiding cleaning, driving through Starbucks way too often and indulging in all things interior design.

I Stopped Breastfeeding At 6 Months When I Didn’t Have To

Breastfeeding, you guys. It's such a hot topic and one that typically has pretty passionate people on both sides of it. There are many people that fall in the middle somewhere, those who could...
This Won't Be My Life One Day

This Won’t Be My Life One Day

As I sat at my computer the other morning, trying to work on my ever-growing to-do list, I kept hearing, “Mom! Mommy! Mom!” It was only 8:23am and if I’m honest, I was already...