Caring For Our Children Shouldn’t Cost Us Everything


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caring for our children shouldn't cost us everything

Caring for our children shouldn’t cost us everything.

It shouldn’t cost us our health, our mental health, or all of our finances. But somehow, as moms, we seem to allow caring for everyone else be at the top of our priority list. 

And not only do we care, but we also worry.  We worry about our children’s health, their well-being, their happiness and everything in between. We worry that they aren’t playing enough sports, we worry that they’re going to get hurt while playing sports – there is an endless supply of worry we create.

But what if there was a way to worry just a bit less?  To know that someone else cared enough about your children to forget about the bottom-line and simply care for your children as much as you do?

Caduceus Cares about your children.

We know that Caduceus Medical Group offers men, women, and children all of the medical support they need, but did you know that they also want all children to be healthy whether they are patients or not?

Caduceus 4 Kids offers a one-time complimentary EKG to all of their pediatric population, whether they are playing sports or not. And that is pretty amazing!

Caduceus Chief Medical Officer,  Gregg DeNicola MD, feels it is just the right thing to do. 

EKG’s are not as common in the United States as they are in Europe and other countries, but this medical test can detect a multitude of abnormalities that may otherwise have gone unnoticed for years.  

So worry a little less and let Caduceus help in caring for your children.  You will rest a little easier, knowing that your child has cardiac clearance.  

Any questions?  You can email patient support at [email protected] or email Dr. DeNicola directly at MouseCalls, a service Caduceus offers for all patients and parents of patients. Email our Chief Medical Officer and receive a response within 12 hours or midnight, whichever comes first!