How To Boo Your Neighbors – Ideas For Every Age!

how to boo your neighbors ideas for every age

Do you know how to boo your neighbors?

I still remember about two years ago when I opened my door and found an orange pumpkin pail with treats sitting on my front step. It had a bag of Kit Kats, Pumpkin Carving Kit, Spider Webs, and a few pieces of paper. The paper said, “You’ve Been Booed!”

See, we had just moved to our home earlier that year and that act of kindness brought a sense of joy, inclusivity, and the warm welcome that is priceless. Ever since that fall, I’ve made it a point to Boo my neighbors. I encourage everyone to spread some cheer this year! Here are the basics of “How to Boo Your Neighbors”

Simple 5 Step Approach on How to Boo Your Neighbors


  • Basket
  • Gift bag
  • Halloween Pail/Bucket
  • Popcorn Bowl
  • Vase


Something to Eat

  • Candy
  • Chips/Popcorn
  • Cookies
  • Candy Apple
  • Wine

Something to Do/Miscellaneous

  • Carving Kit
  • Candle
  • Dollar Spot Activities (i.e. paintable wood shapes)
  • Coloring Books
  • Book
  • Lightup Necklace or Bracelets


  • Spider Web
  • Pumpkin
  • Skeleton or Skull
  • Hanging Sign
  • Light Up Decor

Remember to keep it simple, fun, and inexpensive. Look in your donation stash for old containers and hit up bargain stores like Dollartree and Big Lots.

Below are some examples of Boo Kits for Different Neighbors

Neighbor A (Retired Couple, No Kids)

  • Container – Kraft Gift Bag
  • Something to Eat – Pumpkin Flavored Tortilla Chips (Trader Joes)
  • Something to Do/Miscellaneous – Pumpkin/Vanilla Scented Candle
  • Decoration – Traditional Orange Pumpkin

Neighbor B (Mom, Dad, 2 boys – Ages 5 and 7)

  • Container – Halloween Bucket
  • Something to Eat – Fun Eyeball Shaped Candy Balls
  • Something to Do/Miscellaneous – Pumpkin Carving Set
  • Decoration – Spider Webs

Neighbor C (Mom, Dad, New Baby)

  • Container – Personalized Bucket
  • Something to Eat – Wine
  • Something to Do/Miscellaneous – Stuffed Pumpkin Toy
  • Decoration – Hanging Halloween Sign (good for a photo prop)

Hope these tips and ideas helped and you feel inspired to share some cheer this Halloween season!

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